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  1. Katy McGunigle says:

    I am a friend of Kasisi after working there in the summer of 2006. I will be coming to New york on my honeymoon in mid October, but will be going home before this event. Am I able to come and see the art work during my visit? Katy. xx

    • Katy,
      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon! It’s a pleasure to meet another friend of Kasisi, and I’m sure something can be arranged to fit your schedule. Expect further responses to your question, as I’m passing on your message to our committee members. Fondly, Kristin

    • Katy,

      As of tomorrow, all of our artwork will be located in our Norwalk, Connecticut headquarters. Please do contact us if you’d like to see the collection. Thanks!

  2. Hi. Is it possible you can have a link to Kasisi Children’s website, on this site. We have a link on the Children’s home page. Regards and many thanks.

    Kasisi Children’s webmaster

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